Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Notariety II

Meet Cavalier, a big grey Percheron . . . (You met him around last year this time) . . .

Meet Cavalier and Rob Zombie, acclaimed heavy metal musician and film writer/director, who celebrated Cavalier's debut in the movie industry in his remake, Halloween II.

Once again, Cavalier will hit the silver screen in the 2011 film, Wanderlust, starring Jennifer Anniston, Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux, Alan Alda and Ray Liotta. The story's plot is about an overextended, stressed out Manhattan couple who get downsized out of a job and are left with one option: move to Atlanta to stay with George's awful brother. En route, the couple stumble upon Elysium, a very interesting community who embrace a different way of looking at things. . .

Here are Charley and Sherry, Cavalier's owners, who get him ready for the set. He's such a pro that he rocked his part with Jennifer Anniston and Paul Rudd in one take -- with no "elimination" to boot!

Jennifer Anniston loved Cavalier, and was corrected by Sherry when she was giving Cavalier some well-deserved scratches, and mistakenly called him a "girl." He didn't mind it one bit.

Good Boy, Cav!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Catch a Ride on Zenyatta . . .

aka "The Queen" who began racing at 3 years of age, made history on the same day we were hosting folks "Being the Boss of Themselves" and won her 19th consecutive race - equalling the longest winning streak in history. This 6 year old mare stands an impressive 17.2 hands, and is now facing her greatest challenge: The Breeders Cup Classic at Churchill Downs on November 6th. For the first time, she'll be off synthetic surfaces, and running with males on dirt.

Click below and catch a ride on a truly gifted racehorse. At the 4 minute mark is when the ride gets good!

PS: Don't forget to breathe!

Thanks Riders4Helmets for Sharing this Video!