Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jessie's Easter Duckling Update

My, how Jessie's ducks have grown since Easter!

They're under the watchful eye of Blinkums, her 18+ yr old cat, as well as Spike the Dog,
who was in front of me while I quickly snapped the shot at sundown.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Can I Get That Order To Go?"

It seems that someone snuck into the barn and hit Speed Dial #2 to Trails End Farm, our fabulous hay supplier. News got out that neither Jessie nor I were going to be at the farm on Mother's Day. So, by process of elimination, I'm figuring that Poe and Butler are the culprits and got confused thinking Mother's Day was on May 9th -- rather than the 10th -- and ordered breakfast, lunch and dinner in!

We hope that upon return to the farm tomorrow, there will be some leftovers.
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Meanwhile, on the Chez Kat front, this is the best time of year since my very favorite flowers in my postage stamp-sized, sun-drenched yard are kicking into gear just in time for Mother's Day. Seems that the rain and hot sunshine have put a good start to everything this season which yields good pickins for mom.

My day ended on a good note, visiting with mom and dad, and finding a new home for "Fernando the Frog" out of the blistering heat of my yard . . .

. . .into their lush, shady oasis amid the 90 degree Georgia temperatures.

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcome Poe!

On Thursday, Poe -- as in Edgar Allan -- was welcomed onto the farm. He is a 9 yr old Clydesdale that came from Tennessee. Here, in Georgia, we might as well spell his name as "Po" as "We're in the Po House Now!" He brought along his buddy, Butler, a 9 yr old Friesian, who is being evaluated by Jessie for training.

Poe has plenty of driving and trail experience which is perfect for Jessie's Peters Creek Farm lesson program and to teach me how to drive. We have already started him this weekend on "Jessie's Miracle Concoction" to get Poe back up to where he should be in weight. We also began some light duty work for him to begin building muscle, which he seemed to enjoy immensely.

Poe became acquainted over the fence with the herd of boys he'll be grazing with in the near future; however, he was much more interested in our grass than anything else since he had to share his pasture with 22 other horses. He'll remain with his buddy, Butler, for the time being since Jessie's watching their grass intake and limiting them to 4-5 hours per day on a 2-acre paddock.

The Boys - Meet n' Greet on Sunday
(Left to Right: Indy, Saga, Val, Turk, Cinco & Lil ' Joe C)

Poe's Final Drive with his former owner.

We hope he's as happy as he looks with us.