Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Shenanigans For Kat

Let Me First Introduce You to Jessie and Her Very Best Friend, Heather (in the Transformers Hat).

Next, Let me Now Introduce You to Joe C, A Fun-Loving, Free-For-All, Just-Turned 5-Yr Old Miniature Horse.

Mix All of The Above With An Air-Conditioned Modified Mini-Van in 90-100 Degree Weather on Kat's Birthday and We've Got Trouble Brewing. . . . .

Once They Arrived At My House (While I Was Conveniently Being Entertained By My Cousin, BeeBee, and A Big Stack of Pancakes A Mile Or So Down The Road) Joe C Got Himself Cleaned Up For The Big Surprise.

Everybody Was Busy Setting Up The Cake and Cupcakes and Presents While Joe C Watched The Door for My Arrival.

I Arrived and Needless To Say, I Was Very Surprised To See The Gang All In My Kitchen, Wearing Party Hats (Even Joe C). However, Jessie's Son, Briar, Didn't Seem Surprised At All With The Shenanigans. . . Let's See -- Cartoons versus Miniature Horse in The House versus Cartoons. . . .

. . . But The Joe C Cake Did Get Everyone's Attention. . .

. . . Along With Pippo-The-Hippo "Do These Cupcakes Make My Butt Look Big?" Cakes.

After Cake, We Went Outside So Joe C Could Relieve Himself. . . and While Outside, He Made New Friends With The Neighbors.

But Soon, It Was So Hot, We Took The Party Back Inside. . . .

Where Wyatt and Joe And Auntie Heather Played With The Swiveling Chair.

While Joe and Tom Talk About New TV Station Options. . . .

When It Came Time To Go, I Got The Birthday Pleasure Of Driving "Back Seat Driver Joe" Home Where He Enjoyed the Air Conditioning and Girl Talk Immensely, and Whinnied At a "Hay For Sale" Sign That We Passed On The Road Just In Case We Happened To Miss It.

It Was a Long Day of Entertaining, And Joe C Was Happy To Be Back Home Again. It Was a Huge Surprise To Me That Jessie Got Him Settled in His Makeshift Mini-Van "Stall" And That He Scored An A+ In Housebreaking. . . A Very Happy Birthday, Indeed!

Thank You So Much, Jessie, Heather, BeeBee, Briar, Wyatt, and Let's Not Forget Jessie's Patient Husband, Tom, for Participation In My Huge Surprise!! I Will Never, Ever Forget This Birthday (And Neither Will My Cousin) -- Thank You! -kat

If You Want To Read More About Joe C, Please Visit His Page On Our Site:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We honor Braithwaite Senator (2297), sire of all Peters Creek Farm offspring. He was a Quality-Approved Cleveland Bay Stallion, one of only three in North America when he passed away.

Senator stood at 17 hands with 9½ inch bone and we are told that he was a marvel to behold.

Unfortunately, Jessie and I never had the chance to meet Senator but instead, we see common traits in all his progeny -- they are willing, kind and of sound mind. For this, we are very grateful.

By Forest Fenman x Knaresborough Come On
(1991 - 2006)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Indy's New Mom

It came time this weekend for the "rubber to meet the road" at Peters Creek Farm. It was Jessie's temperature check regarding Indy's training she has instilled thus far. His new mom came for a test ride to check the progress made, and for Jessie to see them working together in order to determine a focus for his last bit of training. (Her last ride was on the "Day of the Ducklings" which was the day before Easter.)

We quickly determined that her arrival after 5 pm was not late enough to provide a break from the 90 degree temperatures.

And, like two peas in a pod, they both got a little overheated, bored with the arena work and wanted to go back in the woods for a trail ride instead . . .
The weekend was busy, and full of successes:

Indy and his new mom had a terrific time and began to bond . . .

. . . Blinkums found a nice, comfortable place for a mid-day nap (in a riding helmet) . . .

After much effort, the old rosemary plant finally released its grips on the huge clay pot after a lot of cajoling from machetes, shovels, and pulling with the help of our guest . . .

Meanwhile, the guys kept their heads down and busy in the garden . . .

. . . staking up tomato plants

. . . and doing some edging around the beds!
Jessie and I had a wonderful time sitting up all night, visiting with Indy's New Mom, but most of all, we loved witnessing the bond growing between her and her new horse.

We took her hostage in the carriage as a delay tactic when the time was nearing for her departure. We cannot wait for the next time she's on the road, headed our way again.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Tale of Shady Dale

Once Upon a Time, in a town called Shady Dale, the rodeo comes once a year. That always means B*I*G things going on at the crossroads. . .

Artists showing off their beautiful wares. . .

Georgia Shriners driving up and down the road. . .

and Clowns named "Wally" lurking around.


Somehow I was captured and placed in the town's portable
jail cell as dinner for a nasty dragon that lives in the village . . .

. . . only to be saved by Jessie's son, Wyatt, arriving just in time with his trusty steed, Poe, and his loyal & protective dog, Spike-O, wielding his magical sword that with one touch, opened the gate to the cell in order to save the day.

The End (to a Lovely Weekend).

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Poe Progress Report - Day 34

Friends of FDF have made inquiries about the status of our new buddy, Poe, regarding his health and how his weight gain is coming along. During these first 30 days, we have worked through 1) thrush; 2) horrible scratches on all four legs which seems to have been an issue for a while since his rear leg feathers were cut and are in the process of growing back; 3) purchase of a new halter that properly fits that no longer pinches his face and rubs off his hair (his head measures 4 ft. 9 inches from one side to the other!); 4) razor sharp teeth have been floated (filed down to be even across the surface) to aid in his absorbtion of the nutrients in his feed rather than going through his system whole; and 5) hoof trims, which appeared to have not been done in a long time.

On Day 10-12, Poe turned up horribly lame and was stall-bound for almost a week. His lameness was caused by an abscess that finally blew out on Day 20, and he has been fine ever since. His body has now seemingly given the go-ahead to begin shedding his winter coat. During this time, he has been seen walking around with half-shedded frogs flopping around which were quickly removed. It looked like shoe soles that came unstitched or unglued from their uppers.

Jessie sees Poe every day and has gotten discouraged because she is not able to see any change for the better thus far. On the other hand, I see him once or twice during the week, and both days on the weekend, so I can see the difference. When I tell her I see improvement, she thinks I'm just saying that to make her feel better.

So, in order to convince Jessie of Poe's progress, I am publishing 30-day Poe Reports. However, I need to take photos in the same position each time to be fair in the comparisons. So tomorrow, I am going to take my typical photographs - side shots on both sides, as well as a backend view to document how his rear is becoming more of an "apple" shape.

If any of you can see any changes taking place, would you please drop us a comment? I would appreciate it ! (That way, Jessie won't think I'm pulling her leg.) Also, if your attention is drawn to a particular area(s) on his body that you believe has improved, or simply looks different to you, let us know that as well!

Getting Poey back on course is a worthwhile project -- he's such a sweet boy who can sometimes act like a grumpy old man. I think that given the circumstances, he's entitled to be a little grumpy for just a little while.
May 2, 2009 - Day 2

June 6, 2009 - Day 34

Jessie's boys, Briar & Wyatt, are even doing their part,

sneaking Poey treats when they think we're not looking . . .

Monday, June 1, 2009

Yippie Kai Yay!

The gang loaded up and headed to Gainesville, Georgia for the weekend for the Georgia Draft Horse Fun Show. Jessie's husband, Tom, beat out the competition in the Western Under Saddle Spotted Draft/Cross class on Pippy, a Shire/Thoroughbred cross. They are two peas in a pod when it comes to hamming it up in front of a croud.

We took the baby to the show to get him exposed, and he was calm and quiet . . .

. . . as long as his sister, Ariella, was close by. They both are Percheron/Cleveland Bay crosses owned by Peters Creek Farm. He is a yearling, and she's going to be three in July. The following day, the two were separated from one another when they were turned out. In the halter conformation classes, Baby placed second, Pippy third, and Ariella placed fourth in each of their halter classes, showing with Spotted Draft/Crosses.

I had tall boots to fill -- literally -- in riding Pippy in the Spotted Draft/Cross English Under Saddle class since that was after Cowboy Tom's class. The mere fact that I could button my jacket, stay on top of the horse and not pass out from the heat was an accomplishment in and of itself.

We pulled a respectible third in our class, was awarded a ribbon by a good, dear friend, and had a blast the entire time.

Once again, Jennifer's (Gypsy Mare Studio's) sign brought us all safety and good luck!