Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Be The Boss of You Memorial Video

Dr. Gabram's daughter, Hanna was busy videotaping at the Purina Pink 50 "Be the Boss of You" Breast Cancer Research Ride at Peters Creek Farm on October 2, 2010. Hanna did a fantastic job with this compilation of the beautiful horses and people who participated on that perfect, perfect day. We look forward to the next event in October 2011.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Gift Wrap 101

All right, it's Black Friday, and time for shopping and wrapping all those
gifts that you just stood in line for or even roughed-it by camping out in parking lots to get this year's "Toy of the Season."

Click here for a quick refresher course in wrapping before you start.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Shire & Other Horse Gifts - 'Tis the Season Once Again!

Folks, it's that time of year again, and for your horsey friends and family members that you want to give just a little something really special to go with that brand new grooming box, or collection of currys and brushes, take a look here!

Jen has become my favorite equine artist, and across the miles, a good friend. I share with my bloggers just a sampling of her draft horse ornaments, but her website has other breeds and animals to choose from.

These ornaments are reproductions of her original artwork over the years, and I am fortunate enough to say that this Shire ornament (above) is from an original piece that I own and is featured in my home, front and center, especially during the holidays. Jen modeled this work from my mare, Misty, and I love it.

Her artwork also appears on tee-shirts and sweats, mousepads, mugs, totes, water bottles, and NEW for this year, Christmas Stockings!

Shop using this link http://www.cafepress.com/gypsymarestudio/ for a special discounted rate for First Draught Farm Bloggers AND if you shop November 20-23rd, you'll save $10 off your order of $50+ by using the coupon code "Friend10".

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hangin' At The Beach With Jean-Fran├žois Pignon

Ride, Jean-Fran├žois, Ride!

Music performed by Chris Norman.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Splendid Unveiling

There's excitement in Atlanta as the Salvadore Dali exhibition comes to town. Here are shots of the uncrating of the enormous 13.5' x 10' Santiago El Grande of 1957.

This spectacular work of the Surrealist turned Catholic Dali, honors the Apostle, St. James, who is the patron saint of Spain, and known as "Santiago." The nuns in my Catholic elementary and high school taught us that patron saints are intercessors and advocates for us in heaven, and in this case, appear to be for an entire country.

The humongous horse is rearing up as if he's being blown out of the water with atomic force with a 3-D-esque St. James astride, emerging from the sea, exposing a dirty foot that symbolizes the long travels of the Apostles with Jesus. If you look at the center of the "atomic blast" there's a jasmine flower (which symbolizes unity & purity) which was a favorite of Dali, who would occasionally tuck one behind his ear for photo ops.

Normally, St. James has a sword in his hand when he is depicted in art, but Dali chose to have him raise up Jesus on the cross. The heavenly arches are a direct representation of the 13th century Church of the Jacobins in Toulouse, France, where missionaries would stop over on their way to Santiago. Note that there are 11 scallop shells in the arches, with one more on the breastplate of the horse, symbolizing the 12 Apostles. There are angels above and behind St. James and Jesus with two angels capturing the horse's attention. If you look closely, you'll see identical angels within the horse's neck.

Dali always incorporated a self-portrait in his paintings. In this one, he is teeny-tiny, below the hoof of the massive horse. Dali loved his wife, Gala, and would work her into many of his paintings as well. She's here in the lower right of the painting in a cloak. However, clocks, elephants, eggs and ants were typically portrayed in his work.

Click here to see a humorous side of Dali in a game show in the 1950s, or see the collaboration with Walt Disney which began around 1945, but was cancelled after only 15 seconds of the animation was developed. The film was finally completed and released in 2003, and was called Destino.

Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech
May 11, 1904-January 23, 1989

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Notariety Here in Georgia!

In little ol' Covington, Georgia, about 40 miles out of Atlanta, it seems to be the hotspot for filming. My Cousin Vinny's famous courtroom scenes were in Covington. And we all can't forget good ol' Hazzard County and the Duke boys . . . Covington transformed into their stomping grounds in the early episodes.

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, Halloween II was last year's addition to Covington's claim to fame.

Once again, Covington strikes again, and has been the home for the film crew of The Vampire Diaries for many, many months. They evolve the town into Mystic Falls, the setting for the Diaries. The photo above is a shot from a scene for tomorrow night's show where First Draught Farm's good friend, Stephanie (President of Georgia Ladies Aside) became involved in the show. This week's episode, Katerina, is all about Katherine's big flashback to her late 15th century Bulgarian origin.

Stephanie's awesome and trusty horse, Romeo, nailed a part in the show.

Here he is during filming in front of the Cottage. . .

and is seen here with his stunt rider, Mary, who aced his scenes all in one take.

Romeo travels all over here in the east, and loves his job being ridden sidesaddle in great venues such as the Kentucky Horse Park and Inaugural Parades in Washington, D.C. exhibiting Stephanie's grace and ease in riding aside.

She makes it look so easy at the Kentucky Horse Park demonstration. . . .

And looks absolutely stunningly FROZEN at the 2009 Inaugural where she joined
the Southern Ohio Ladies Aside troupe. . .

Steph & Romey both participated in the Be the Boss of You Breast Cancer Ride last month. Stephanie makes some of her costumes, or "habits" and whipped up this cool Cammy number just for the Boss Ride on October 2nd.

So if you are hooked on the Diaries, keep your eyes peeled tomorrow night (Thurs) for sweet Romeo, another fantastic horse down here in the southeast. You can visit Stephanie's website in the right column - just look for Georgia Ladies Aside, and see even more ladies with amazing talent.