Sunday, April 26, 2009

Springtime?? 90+ Degrees??

Today was the day to get some glam shots of the purebred Cleveland Bay youngsters at Peters Creek Farm. The website had their yearling pictures where they hadn't grown into their ears yet and looked goofy as all yearlings do. Everybody had practically doubled in size, so the update was long overdue. All the trees are now green, and the flies are back.

At the same time, tomatos and beans were being planted.

Thank goodness we got an early start. By noon, it was already in the 90s.

Where did Spring go?

Friday, April 24, 2009


Yesterday, I headed off to the farm to visit with a prospective purchaser of one of our favorite horses on Peters Creek Farm, Indy. This year, he turns three on the 4th of July and is a Cleveland Bay/TB cross. His vet check went A-ok, and so the check was written.

We love his new owner from the Savannah area. She wants him to stay with us another 4-6 weeks to get more time in the saddle. He is still in our pockets as he was as a little guy and we sure hate to see him go -- even though we love his new owner! She lost her long time horse friend, Chauncey, over a year ago and Indy touched her heart for her to move on. Jess n' I know that she will love him as much as we do and hopefully won't spoil him too rotten! This is my very favorite picture of Indy - it captures his sweet personality even though he's got bed head. We're thankful to be able to love on him just a little bit longer.

Why IS it they touch our hearts like they do?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Has Sprung -- And So Has Our Blog!

Hi everybody!

Our friends have inspired us to create our own blog and share with you all the fun we are having here in Georgia.
Jessie is the farm manager of Peters Creek Farm in Georgia, and I assist in planning events, getting the farm ready to go public as an equestrian facility, along with the weekend chores. I always have my camera ready for the expected and least expected moments!
Last Saturday, Jessie's husband came back from the hardware store with two of the most precious ducklings for her and, we immediately introduced Honks n' Peeps to the horses.
We hope that you come back to enjoy the sights and stories of our life experiences in doing something that we both truly love and that I have waited a lifetime to experience. -kat.

Joe C, our miniature, after his driving lesson with his new friends

Ariella and the Baby witnessing the launching (by Jess) of their maiden voyage