Friday, April 22, 2011

Peaceful Good Friday Across the World

I cannot think of a better way to begin Good Friday with this awesome video of people across the world, joining in song, at the direction of Eric Whiteacre. If you click on the title of this post (above), there is a very interesting video of how this choir was born, and the snippets of the many member auditions.

If you have the time, Eric did complete his work, "Sleep" and you can enjoy this magnificient piece from 58 countries, with 2052 participants:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What an Awesome Cake!

Click on the Title Above to Learn More About this Corgi Cake . . .

Photo by Bauer Griffin

Monday, April 18, 2011

Be The Boss Of You Breast Cancer Research Ride

It's that time of year again folks! Well, not quite, but I've got a head start this time around. Be the Boss of You Breast Cancer Research Ride will take place Saturday, October 1, 2011. Last year's event was such a success, we're all begging for another go at it. Check my blog posts from September and October 2010 to see how last year's event turned out when we raised $13,000+ for the Winship Cancer Institute for Emory University in Atlanta. I have begun my fund raising sponsorship for participation in this 2011 event by selling "Seeds of Happiness" ($3 each + $1 for shipping 1 or more seeds) and Honor Ribbons ($1 each). Monetary donations are welcome too!

The Seeds of Happiness folks have made up a special pink batch for me and Misty's participation in this fundraiser. The Seeds of Happiness are individually bagged, with their story on their card which is enclosed. The story goes as follows:

"Seeds of Happiness started out as leftover lumps of clay I made into little smiles to give out to friends who were going through hard times and needed a little smile. That was in 2006. Since then I have given out thousands of smiles to folks, a handful at a time. In turn, they share them and their story with their friends in needs of a smile."

"Those people then share with more friends and keep the story going. My seeds are all over the planet by now. I receive emails with photos and stories of how these little seeds made a difference to someone. From Africa to the land down under, the seeds have been planted and smiles have been resurrected to people who need them. Seems a lot of people need smiles these days."

"Share a smile - help me spread the Seeds of Happiness."

This is a close-up of the seeds -- the strange lighting makes them look orange, however, they are in a solid pink and speckled shades.

Me n' Misty will be decked out in medieval attire in special appearances and parades across the Metropolitan Atlanta area. My Honor Ribbons (with names on them if you wish) will be attached to Misty's caparison so that your loved ones will be riding with me representing the fight against cancer before, during and after the Be The Boss of You event. Her caparison is presently in the works by a dear co-worker and friend who walks hundreds of miles a year for the Cure, and will be sewn together over Memorial Day weekend in the barn. I will be posting photo updates of this, as well as all Honor Ribbons created here on the blog.

It is my goal that folks seeing the war-like attire and Honor Ribbons will be reminded to hope and pray for a cure for all who are fighting or have fought the disease -- sometimes quietly, but always bravely.

Please email me at to let me know if you would like to order some Seeds of Happiness or Honor Ribbons and I will provide you your receipt for tax purposes along with shipping confirmation. I also provide you with the convenience of Paypal for your donations (to the right). Just remember that I will be charged 4.75% + .30 per each transaction for their fees, but would rather you make your check payable to "Be The Boss of You Breast Cancer Ride."

Remember, as Big Misty Sez:

Seeds of Happiness are great little gifts for simply "Just Because" days.

Early detection is part of the battle . . . Be the Boss of You and get your mammogram soon!