Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Can I Get That Order To Go?"

It seems that someone snuck into the barn and hit Speed Dial #2 to Trails End Farm, our fabulous hay supplier. News got out that neither Jessie nor I were going to be at the farm on Mother's Day. So, by process of elimination, I'm figuring that Poe and Butler are the culprits and got confused thinking Mother's Day was on May 9th -- rather than the 10th -- and ordered breakfast, lunch and dinner in!

We hope that upon return to the farm tomorrow, there will be some leftovers.
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Meanwhile, on the Chez Kat front, this is the best time of year since my very favorite flowers in my postage stamp-sized, sun-drenched yard are kicking into gear just in time for Mother's Day. Seems that the rain and hot sunshine have put a good start to everything this season which yields good pickins for mom.

My day ended on a good note, visiting with mom and dad, and finding a new home for "Fernando the Frog" out of the blistering heat of my yard . . .

. . .into their lush, shady oasis amid the 90 degree Georgia temperatures.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I have enjoyed this site so much. The horses are so beautiful.I give alot of credit to whe ones who do a great job on this farm & site.
    keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Butterfly! I'll pass your comments along! -k

  3. Gorgeous photos! Lol, Fernando looks like he is enjoying his new home!

  4. Po and Butler look in fine mood
    & Thank you for the caring comments you left about Poppy.

  5. Youy babies are stunning!! Your farm looks like heaven!! Sarah


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