Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Shenanigans For Kat

Let Me First Introduce You to Jessie and Her Very Best Friend, Heather (in the Transformers Hat).

Next, Let me Now Introduce You to Joe C, A Fun-Loving, Free-For-All, Just-Turned 5-Yr Old Miniature Horse.

Mix All of The Above With An Air-Conditioned Modified Mini-Van in 90-100 Degree Weather on Kat's Birthday and We've Got Trouble Brewing. . . . .

Once They Arrived At My House (While I Was Conveniently Being Entertained By My Cousin, BeeBee, and A Big Stack of Pancakes A Mile Or So Down The Road) Joe C Got Himself Cleaned Up For The Big Surprise.

Everybody Was Busy Setting Up The Cake and Cupcakes and Presents While Joe C Watched The Door for My Arrival.

I Arrived and Needless To Say, I Was Very Surprised To See The Gang All In My Kitchen, Wearing Party Hats (Even Joe C). However, Jessie's Son, Briar, Didn't Seem Surprised At All With The Shenanigans. . . Let's See -- Cartoons versus Miniature Horse in The House versus Cartoons. . . .

. . . But The Joe C Cake Did Get Everyone's Attention. . .

. . . Along With Pippo-The-Hippo "Do These Cupcakes Make My Butt Look Big?" Cakes.

After Cake, We Went Outside So Joe C Could Relieve Himself. . . and While Outside, He Made New Friends With The Neighbors.

But Soon, It Was So Hot, We Took The Party Back Inside. . . .

Where Wyatt and Joe And Auntie Heather Played With The Swiveling Chair.

While Joe and Tom Talk About New TV Station Options. . . .

When It Came Time To Go, I Got The Birthday Pleasure Of Driving "Back Seat Driver Joe" Home Where He Enjoyed the Air Conditioning and Girl Talk Immensely, and Whinnied At a "Hay For Sale" Sign That We Passed On The Road Just In Case We Happened To Miss It.

It Was a Long Day of Entertaining, And Joe C Was Happy To Be Back Home Again. It Was a Huge Surprise To Me That Jessie Got Him Settled in His Makeshift Mini-Van "Stall" And That He Scored An A+ In Housebreaking. . . A Very Happy Birthday, Indeed!

Thank You So Much, Jessie, Heather, BeeBee, Briar, Wyatt, and Let's Not Forget Jessie's Patient Husband, Tom, for Participation In My Huge Surprise!! I Will Never, Ever Forget This Birthday (And Neither Will My Cousin) -- Thank You! -kat

If You Want To Read More About Joe C, Please Visit His Page On Our Site:


  1. Sounds like you had a fun-filled day. What a great idea to have a horsey birthday surprise!
    I would have loved to see your face when you saw a horse "in the house". I'm still smirking.....
    Happy belated Birthday, Kat!

  2. OMG, Joe C is so cute! And I was going to ask if he left any "surprises" indoors, but I guess he is housebroken. Cool!

  3. Kathleen -- Yep, no surprises in the house! However, he did say goodbye to the neighbors, and while near their front door, left a parting gift. A definate good time had by all!

  4. And I thought my crazy aunt Frances was the only person that drove their mini horse around in a mini van! What a hoot!
    Glad you had such a wonderful birthday (and I LOVE the cakes:)

  5. Too cute! I am glad you had a happy birthday and what a memorable one, too! :o)

  6. Lol, that's really cute! Once when I was in high school, I actually RODE my full sized horse through my house on my birthday. Best birthday party EVER lol!


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