Sunday, June 14, 2009

Indy's New Mom

It came time this weekend for the "rubber to meet the road" at Peters Creek Farm. It was Jessie's temperature check regarding Indy's training she has instilled thus far. His new mom came for a test ride to check the progress made, and for Jessie to see them working together in order to determine a focus for his last bit of training. (Her last ride was on the "Day of the Ducklings" which was the day before Easter.)

We quickly determined that her arrival after 5 pm was not late enough to provide a break from the 90 degree temperatures.

And, like two peas in a pod, they both got a little overheated, bored with the arena work and wanted to go back in the woods for a trail ride instead . . .
The weekend was busy, and full of successes:

Indy and his new mom had a terrific time and began to bond . . .

. . . Blinkums found a nice, comfortable place for a mid-day nap (in a riding helmet) . . .

After much effort, the old rosemary plant finally released its grips on the huge clay pot after a lot of cajoling from machetes, shovels, and pulling with the help of our guest . . .

Meanwhile, the guys kept their heads down and busy in the garden . . .

. . . staking up tomato plants

. . . and doing some edging around the beds!
Jessie and I had a wonderful time sitting up all night, visiting with Indy's New Mom, but most of all, we loved witnessing the bond growing between her and her new horse.

We took her hostage in the carriage as a delay tactic when the time was nearing for her departure. We cannot wait for the next time she's on the road, headed our way again.


  1. Love the pictures, it looks like you all had a great day!

  2. Peters Creek farm is a simply awesome facility, but what makes this barn so very special, are the people. Everybody makes you feel so very welcome and right at home.
    After such a super, super nice weekend, I can't wait to visit PCF and my new equine buddy 'Indy' again soon!!!

  3. Hullo! Nice to meet you..I'm Kacy with Washashe mare@ "Allhorsestuff"- Thanks for signing up to"Lead/Follow/Share" at my place!

    So very glad that the handsome Bay "Indy" has such loving handlers as you all preparing him for a partner!
    I love your edger and looks like you've got the hanging tomatoes down! we are just talking about that art her in Oregon where they don't much like to grow in the cold grey skies!I think we need a green house!
    Hay..I am intersted in the Cleavland Bay...point me to an older post and I shall read up!
    Be back..KacyK

  4. Welcome Kacy! For more information regarding the Cleveland Bays, please click on the "PCF" icon, and read all about them here in the southeast at Peters Creek Farm. -kat


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