Thursday, July 9, 2009

Me? Thanksgiving Dinner? HaHaHaHa!!

Today, Jessie and the kids were headed down to the barn at Peters Creek Farm for evening feeding and turnout. While en route, they come across "Big Bird".

When Jessie, Spike-O and the kids got out to investigate, Big Bird hopped up on the fence, allowed them to touch it, hopped down and strutted on into the woods.

The gang headed on down the hill and began the evening feeding/turning out ritual. About 20 minutes later, PetersCreek Turk, a five-year old Cleveland Bay Horse, started making a lot of noise in his stall. Jessie went over to check on him, and she saw a flash of red out of the corner of her eye . . . what did she spy?

"Turkey Lurkey" on top of the well house outside Turk's window, waiting and ordering its own feed and water ration close to the PCF "drive-thru window". Jessie and the kids filled its order to go. He/She gobbled it up and off it went, into the woods behind the barn.

Quick! Lock the doors, bolt the windows , get the dogs and kids inside, call the neighbors . . .

It knows it's not hunting season, is still on the prowl and possibly headed your way!

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  1. That is cool you guys got to touch him. We have a lot of wild turkeys around here too, they are fun to watch. :-)


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