Monday, October 5, 2009

First Draught Farm Fairy Tale

ONCE UPON A TIME . . . (Last Sunday) We Had Some Visitors at Peters Creek Farm. . . (Thanks To A Good Friend!) They Love Draft Horses. . . (What's Not to Love ??)

They Were Introduced to Poe . . . (And Spike-O Too)

They Get Acquainted and Soon Love Poe! (C'mon -- Who Doesn't?)
They Want Fun. (Raise Your Hand if You Want To Have Fun With Poey. . . )

Poe n' Jessie Begin Their Mission (To Show Them How Much Fun Driving Can Be ... While Tom Tries To Slow Poey Down. . .)

All Happily Lived Through The "Baptism By Fire," Poey-Style, of the Novice Driver.

They Buy Poe. . . (Huh?? -- Even Spike-O's Not Sure He Heard Right. . .)

(But Here's The Really Best Part . . .)

Poe Will Be Staying With Us At Peters Creek Farm!!
Who Could Dream Of Anything Better?

Good Boy, Poey!

~The End.~


  1. How completely lovely. I love draft horses, and that is such a happy story, that they bought your dear horse and he will continue to live on your farm.

  2. I'm raising my hand - I wanna have fun!!

  3. thanks for visiting (and following) our blog (a corgi in Southern California) and your kind words about Koda :)

    these horses are beautiful! I don't know much (anything) about horses; must be a joy to be around such magnificient looking creatures and I bet you are so thankful that Poe will be able to continue to stay at your farm (which by the way looks awesome too, all that space and so green!)

    enjoy the day :)


  4. Thank you for visiting with us Betty! I only wish it was our farm, but are thankful each and every day to be in a supportive position of Peters Creek Farm. It is absolutely lovely and is my tranquilizer/antidepressant rolled into one. -kat

  5. What a great story - I love a happy ending! Looks like so much fun you're having there:)


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