Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor (Less) Day

While we all took advantage of the beautiful weather, blazing trails for the upcoming Halloween Event on Peters Creek Farm, the horses took advantage of the long holiday weekend to catch up on their rest . . . .

Except Poey -- awake (but resting his head on the gate) eagerly waiting for a cookie to pass his way. . .


  1. Great pictures! I hope Poe got a cookie. :-)

  2. Lovely pictures! Such beautiful animals. Where are their carrots!?

  3. Poey made out like a bandit while everyone was asleep -- apples, cookies AND carrots, with the help of our kind visitors!

  4. Ha,ha, animals are smarter than we humans. Instead of "laboring", we should learn to relax too!
    Love the photos, niecely put together!!!!

  5. So sweet, Great Photos, They all look so happy and relaxed. Lindax


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