Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Notariety

Meet Jessie & me (standing) & Sherry, owner of the grey horse in front of us, Cavalier.

Meet Cavalier, a big grey Percheron.

Meet Rob Zombie, acclaimed heavy metal musician and film writer/director.

© Geffen Records // Photo credit: Marina Chavez

I know you're asking yourself, "Kat, where this is going??" . . . . read on . . .

Cavalier goes to a local school (wait -- is that a Richard Gere wannabe??) . . .

and meets/bonds with Rob Zombie for Cav's movie debut in Halloween II, appearing in an asylum dream scene. The movie was released in August and yes, I have been hanging onto this for a Halloween blog post . . .

Pre make-up. . .

Sherry assisting in staging her big boy . . . before the action shots.

We hope that the movie star joins us this weekend for our Halloween Hunt. If I'm lucky to separate myself from the event for a moment, I hope to experience this view for just a little while. . .

Good Boy, Cav!
Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. Wow that's super cool!!! Congrats Cav!

  2. Cavalier is soo beautiful. Lindax

  3. Whoa, how cool is that? Rob Zombie, I can't believe it . I would have bet all the money I have that that guy would not show up on your blog:)
    I love that last shot of Cav. 'Member you said I could maybe paint it someday??
    Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!


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