Sunday, October 18, 2009

Road Trip To The National Drive (Part 2 of 3 Part Series)

The day held so much promise as the weather was absolutely gorgeous!

Each morning all the National Drive folks get together and have coffee, doughnuts and a briefing on what the day's itinerary is, what breed groups are driving together, as well as what exhibitions and clinics are going on.

These are some folks from our Fun Driving & Riding Society here, in Georgia. This is Molly & Ray's pony, Ariat, looking a little upset he's not already out in cart.

This is another participant in the Fun Driving & Riding Society -- Nolie, the Haflinger. Nolie's famous and even has his own webpage: Nolie's News:

Dogs are allowed at the Horse Park on leashes and this one wouldn't budge out of her cart as everyone was getting their horses ready.

These two are also Fun Driving & Riding Society participants, Romeo and Debbie. Romey is part of a team of Standardbreds that are just getting going together in cart, and Debbie is now driving Romey solo with confidence! Romey is now the second horse I know who has a heart in the middle of his forehead -- the first being the baby at Peters Creek Farm.

Safety checks are performed before going out on a drive.

Romeo & Pete being put through their paces by Debbie's husband, Les and his brother, Arpi.

There were a number of Norwegian Fjords participating. The Fjord is one of the world's oldest breeds as it is believed that their ancestors migrated to Norway and were domesticated somewhere close to 3,000 years ago. Their mane is spikey, and has a dark stripe down the center of their necks.

Nolie and crew getting ready to go for a drive, and I got invited to go with the team of Romey & Pete.

And we're off!

Friends and Fun Driving & Riding Participants Sherry and Johnny driving her Morgan, Alaina.

Here comes Ariat. . . There goes Ariat . . . with Molly and Ray having fun.

At the Horse Park, there was the Kentucky Rocky Mountain Spotted Horse Association Show going on in the arena, which turned out to be a lot of my entertainment since the good weather lasted only about 12 daylight hours during the trip.

There was a four-in-hand demonstration by a gentleman who will be competing in the FEI World Games in 2010. I arrived in the middle of his presentation, in time for the end of his Q&A, but was able to witness his expertise with the four Danish Warmbloods when the rain began to pour through a cones course.

I took shelter from the rain in the Horse Park's "Big Red Barn" which is presently under renovation in preparation for the FEI World Games that will be held at the park in 2010. It's a heck of an aisle to sweep, huh??

An appropriate end to my second day of vacation. My thanks to all who invited me for a ride with their horses! It made the day even better!

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  1. Beautiful pictures again! Thank you!
    It's very unfortunate that the weather didn't cooperate.
    I love the Danish Warmbloods!! I wish the gentleman all the best for the FEI World Games!


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