Friday, April 16, 2010

And The Eagle-Eye Winner Is . . . .

Congrats To Our Rapid-Fire-On-The-Keyboard, Eagle-Eyed Blogger, Mrs. Mom! ( ) who spotted the missing warning triangle on the back of the wagon!

Contact me on First Draught Farm's website Contact Us page to discuss the mailing of your PRIZE!

And Our Honorable Mention Winners Are :

who are awarded the Most Prestigious "Mid-Air High Five" Blog Award


  1. Oh wow- thank you! Thats really cool!

  2. Ah thank you. I know here if we do not have one on the back of our carriages or blinking warning lights it's a minimum $75 fee. Not that the cops around here are smart enough to know that law though because people go without all the time for tractors etc. We are the only ones who drive horses around here.


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