Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ride a Cross Country Course - Right Here, Right Now!

Gallop the Advanced XC course at The Fork Farm & Stables located in Norwood, North Carolina, with Peter Atkins astride his horse, HJ Hampton, along with his helmet cam.

If any of you have ever heard riding instructors barking, "Look Where You're Going -- Don't Look Down -- Look Where You're Going. . ." "Quit Looking at His/Her Cute, Fuzzy Ears. . ." this video magnifies how far ahead the rider is focused with all the distractions, calculated positioning, etc.

I barely caught one ever-so-slight "look down" while jumping thru Peter Atkins' eyes -- the only time you saw HJ Hampton's front leg.

Become Out of Breath and Enjoy!

PS: Jess: I'm still going to look down just a lil' bit. . . .but I get it -- I get it!

To see Peter Atkins ride from the ground:


  1. That was awesome!! I miss riding.
    I like it when he says "steady" & "good boy".

  2. Oh my golly...that would scare the bejeebers right out of me! Loved how the horses' ears were so erect as he ran. That was a gazillion jumps, incredible prospective!

  3. Wow !!!! I LOVE how that horses ears stayed up and looking forward, and Peter rewarding through it all! Way to ride!!!


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