Saturday, July 31, 2010

Work~Life~Horse Balance

I am overwhelmed; thus, no real postings here of late.

I found absolute JOY in seeing this creative interpretation of the movie (thanks to Once Upon a Time Equine) which currently plays non-stop in my head. I simply had to incorporate it here in my own blog so I can refer back to it easily.

If anyone has any suggestions on life balance (other than dosing it up on Effexor), or just crawling back out of the ditch, getting to your "happy place", please share your comments!

Oh, yes, Thank you, Larry Bonewend, for your poignant production.


  1. No helpful suggestions from this end I'm afraid.. things are too insane here as well. All I can say is stay cool, be safe out there, and zap some eye candy horsey shots when you can!!!

  2. Sheesh....we get it, we get it...put down that stick!
    Take care, and hang in there.

  3. I'm sorry to say that I haven't found a perfect balance yet. I started getting up earlier in the morning so I could get a head start on my work day, so I could have more time for horses after work. It's still tough though, cuz getting up earlier means getting tired earlier. Then I have to push through the fatigue to get the horse time in. It also helps to be proactive and productive with non-horsey stuff when you absolutely cannot get the horse time in. Tonight it is raining, so I'm making a point to get laundry and chores done, so they won't keep me away from horse time tomorrow or the next day or on Saturday. Hang in there and good luck walking that tricky balance beam. And thanks for linking to my blog.


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