Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Notariety Here in Georgia!

In little ol' Covington, Georgia, about 40 miles out of Atlanta, it seems to be the hotspot for filming. My Cousin Vinny's famous courtroom scenes were in Covington. And we all can't forget good ol' Hazzard County and the Duke boys . . . Covington transformed into their stomping grounds in the early episodes.

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, Halloween II was last year's addition to Covington's claim to fame.

Once again, Covington strikes again, and has been the home for the film crew of The Vampire Diaries for many, many months. They evolve the town into Mystic Falls, the setting for the Diaries. The photo above is a shot from a scene for tomorrow night's show where First Draught Farm's good friend, Stephanie (President of Georgia Ladies Aside) became involved in the show. This week's episode, Katerina, is all about Katherine's big flashback to her late 15th century Bulgarian origin.

Stephanie's awesome and trusty horse, Romeo, nailed a part in the show.

Here he is during filming in front of the Cottage. . .

and is seen here with his stunt rider, Mary, who aced his scenes all in one take.

Romeo travels all over here in the east, and loves his job being ridden sidesaddle in great venues such as the Kentucky Horse Park and Inaugural Parades in Washington, D.C. exhibiting Stephanie's grace and ease in riding aside.

She makes it look so easy at the Kentucky Horse Park demonstration. . . .

And looks absolutely stunningly FROZEN at the 2009 Inaugural where she joined
the Southern Ohio Ladies Aside troupe. . .

Steph & Romey both participated in the Be the Boss of You Breast Cancer Ride last month. Stephanie makes some of her costumes, or "habits" and whipped up this cool Cammy number just for the Boss Ride on October 2nd.

So if you are hooked on the Diaries, keep your eyes peeled tomorrow night (Thurs) for sweet Romeo, another fantastic horse down here in the southeast. You can visit Stephanie's website in the right column - just look for Georgia Ladies Aside, and see even more ladies with amazing talent.


  1. That is too cool. I may have to watch that episode just to see Romeo!

  2. Kat, What a great surprise! I love this blog! Thanks for featuring Romeo and I!


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