Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's Time To Give Pranks . . . Er, Thanks

Are you overcome by holiday stress? Forgot the dessert during your last minute run to the grocery store? Don't have time to whip up some pumpkin or peel apples for that "must-have" pie because it took you hours longer than expected to get the house in shape for guests?

Rest easy! Problem solved! You, too, can have a glazed ice cream cake in the shape of a turkey, thanks to Baskin Robbins.

Yes, this is yet another one of their awe-inspiring ice cream cakes. . . imagine the Kodak moment when you announce "Dessert!" amongst the semi-comatose croud around your holiday table, and you enter with THIS on a silver platter. The room will be silent for a quick second before the fighting begins for those treasured ice cream cone drums.

Now, if the turkey Ice Cream Cake doesn't do it for you, then give thought (and thanks) for this treasure:

Yes, you read that correctly . . "Inflatable Turkey" . . . looks just like the real thing and hey, you don't have to get up at 4 am to clean it either. You could put it on the table so when your guests begin to arrive, they'll think that they got there just in the nick of time, missing the chore of helping YOU in the kitchen. It comes in its own "Spam-esque" can so you can deflate the turkey and store it in your cupboard for snagging nosey mothers-in-law . . . knowing that they would not be able to leave that one alone.

And lest we not forget the favorite of kiddies and adults alike . . .

That's right! Thanksgiving Gum Balls in Pumpkin Pie, Cranberry and Turkey flavors!
Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart, it's time to give thanks. And thanks to you, Archie McPhee, for keeping our Pranksgiving alive.

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