Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thrush Product for Horses that Works!

It's that time of year again for sneakin' stinkin' thrush.  It's warm.  It's humid.  Over these past two years, it has been soggy all year in our region.  But when the weather changes, and Thanksgiving draws near, we find ourselves unthankful in finding thrush amongst us . . . Until Now.  

We have gone thru the dry stuff, the purple stuff, the clear stuff, the soaked pad stuff, coppery stuff, and even the old-fashion remedies such as soaks and sugar/iodine packs.   Our next step (by vet recommendation) was to go the formaldehyde route.  We thought this was too extreme of a solution; however, since this experience has been an ongoing battle (a frustrating one at that) we might not be left with an option otherwise.

We became aware of a new product called Thrush B Gone in a news feed which sells online thru their website and Amazon.  After doing a little digging, it is determined to be an organic formulation that has been used by its founder for over 40 years.   There are testimonials on Facebook on their page, and on acquaintences of ours in the area, as well as on their website.  We gave it a go.  I administered Thrush B Gone after cleaning the hoof in the aisle in the barn.  It was nice to not be worried about the treatment staining the aisle, my clothes, or me!

Upon the first application, the "stinky feet" smell quickly dissipated within a few minutes -- the product has no smell either.  It is fluid enough to really get into the tight crevices.  I kept Zee on the cross ties for about 10 mins so that he didn't get into shavings, etc. in his stall to allow Thrush B Gone time to do it's thing.  Later in the day I saw no "gimpiness."  I followed directions and administered Thrush B Gone 2 days later.  There was no foul smell to the hoof, and the frog crevasses were the clearest they had been in a long time.  I almost did not re-apply, but did it anyway because that's what I was used to doing with the other products in our arsenal, over and over and over again. 

That was a year ago . . . . and here comes Thanksgiving.  When it comes time for the farrier to arrive, we pull out the bottle of Thrush B Gone and have it handy for a little "routine maintenance" on the whole herd.   That's all it takes.

There are a few of you (particularly in the northeast and southwest Florida areas) who have been complaining of bouts with thrush this year.  We gladly offer up our experiences with this product as it is a keeper in our barn.   By the way, Thrush B Gone donates its product to equine rescues from proceeds of bottle sales as sort of a way to pay it forward.  There is a quantity order discount through their website.



  1. I'll have to remember this if I ever have horses again. I hate the odor of thrush... almost as much as I hate the smell of the purple stuff and the mess that makes.

  2. Dreaming: It's a whole new world out there!


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