Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Has Sprung -- And So Has Our Blog!

Hi everybody!

Our friends have inspired us to create our own blog and share with you all the fun we are having here in Georgia.
Jessie is the farm manager of Peters Creek Farm in Georgia, and I assist in planning events, getting the farm ready to go public as an equestrian facility, along with the weekend chores. I always have my camera ready for the expected and least expected moments!
Last Saturday, Jessie's husband came back from the hardware store with two of the most precious ducklings for her and, we immediately introduced Honks n' Peeps to the horses.
We hope that you come back to enjoy the sights and stories of our life experiences in doing something that we both truly love and that I have waited a lifetime to experience. -kat.

Joe C, our miniature, after his driving lesson with his new friends

Ariella and the Baby witnessing the launching (by Jess) of their maiden voyage


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you started a blog:) Watch out, it will become addicting!
    You know how much I LOVE these photos.
    Jen (cool avatar, hee, hee)

  2. Hi, Jen said to check out your Blog & I'm glad I did...

    Love the PICs!!! I was born & raised on a ranch. So horses hold a special place in heart. :)

    I've added myself as your follower, please join my new follower list too. It's right under my Feedjit.

    My Blogspot:

    Bright Blessings,

  3. Hi There, super blog and the cutest photos.Love JoeC and the ducklings.

  4. Thanks everybody for your encouraging words. . . I'm slowly getting it together! -kat

  5. Hi! I love all your pics but especially the ducklings on the back of the mini!

  6. LOve your photos! I take the corgi kids for our country drive each day so they can see the horses, the pintos, and the new colt, the sheep, the old draft horse, the soon to be a mama goat, and all the hens and roosters. They hang their heads and paws over the open back window in the car, and say 'huulllloooo' to all the barnyard gang.
    Thanks for stopping by our blog...


Thanks for visiting with us and commenting! -k