Friday, April 24, 2009


Yesterday, I headed off to the farm to visit with a prospective purchaser of one of our favorite horses on Peters Creek Farm, Indy. This year, he turns three on the 4th of July and is a Cleveland Bay/TB cross. His vet check went A-ok, and so the check was written.

We love his new owner from the Savannah area. She wants him to stay with us another 4-6 weeks to get more time in the saddle. He is still in our pockets as he was as a little guy and we sure hate to see him go -- even though we love his new owner! She lost her long time horse friend, Chauncey, over a year ago and Indy touched her heart for her to move on. Jess n' I know that she will love him as much as we do and hopefully won't spoil him too rotten! This is my very favorite picture of Indy - it captures his sweet personality even though he's got bed head. We're thankful to be able to love on him just a little bit longer.

Why IS it they touch our hearts like they do?

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