Sunday, April 26, 2009

Springtime?? 90+ Degrees??

Today was the day to get some glam shots of the purebred Cleveland Bay youngsters at Peters Creek Farm. The website had their yearling pictures where they hadn't grown into their ears yet and looked goofy as all yearlings do. Everybody had practically doubled in size, so the update was long overdue. All the trees are now green, and the flies are back.

At the same time, tomatos and beans were being planted.

Thank goodness we got an early start. By noon, it was already in the 90s.

Where did Spring go?


  1. Such a pretty horse! It's 90 here today, I'm sick of it!

  2. Hi, just thought I'd drop by and say thank you for following my blog and the visit. I was stunned to see you live in near heaven with all the beautiful horses. Congratulations on your new ones. The Clydesdale is exquisite. You are very blessed to have such a life.


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