Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Parading Shires - Part 1 of 4

Our personal thanks go out to the Shire Riders, a group of fine equestrians in California who place their horses "front and center" in the public eye as often as possible. I, for one, get chills seeing my very favorite breed decked out and presented in all their finery for all the world to see -- even if only for a brief televised moment.

This blog post is the first installment of a few due to the fact that we have been provided a back stage pass to the Tournament of Roses Parade . . .

But, even before the parade, there is an Equestfest in Los Angeles to showcase the participating horse groups in the Rose Parade, which was founded by the Valley Hunt Club back in the 1800s. In honor of the Club, horses have always been a large integral part of this parade, and for 2010, I believe it was reported that 20 groups were presented.

Here is a video of Equestfest (which I believe was broadcasted on RFD-TV, but missed it) and yep, the Shire Riders didn't disappoint in this event as well. At least you'll get a glimpse of the costuming and beautiful tack worn, especially on the Appaloosas.

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