Friday, January 15, 2010

Parading Shires - Part 2

Judy comes through again for sharing her photos with the FDF bloggers. She traveled with the Shire Riders, camped on the closed expressway with the horses, and was present to document the preparation and detail required to participate in one of the most beautiful parades in the world.

Only real flowers, produce and other organic material are utilized for float decorations, and the horses are not excluded in the decorations.

Preparations begin very early in the morning, as the parade begins at 8:00 a.m.

Manes need to braided, incorporating the live flowers and other decoration into the mane roll which consists of two different color pieces of fabric that is worked into the braid.

Because the horses are so tall, braiding benches are utilized to make sure that the person doing the braiding is looking down at the top of the horse's neck so that the mane roll is straight, uniform and tight. Easier said than done, I still need to learn and master this artform.

Along with this, tails are brushed and decorated, hooves are polished, the long hair on the horse's legs (feather) need to be clean and fluffy . . .

and let's not forget the sparkly butt decorations . . .

Dawn hits, horses are almost ready, and it's time to go get some coffee before the riders get into their proper attire. As you can see, the folks above the expressway are already headed to the stands. . . .


  1. Takes the whole "get ready for the show" to a whole new level.

  2. Brings all the getting ready for a show back, up in the dark, on auto pilot:). They look so beautiful with the roses weaved into their manes, I'd love to do a pastel of that. Lindax
    cant wait to see what happens next....


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