Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Parading Shires - Part 3

The day breaks, caffeine is ingested, and everyone is all dressed up. . . and the wait is on. Kameo and Judy's youngster, Gabby, in her high stockings, are the early birds, ready to go.

Meet Big John. . .

. . . and I believe this is Lady, but stand to be corrected . . .

. . . and Annie . . .

Everyone is all lined up, and ready to begin the six mile walk. . .

The last member in line is Nemo, a Haflinger pony that normally dresses in Shire costume, complete with white feather, to help promote the breed and support his buddy, John.


  1. Fantastic photos...beautiful horses all decked out in roses. What a day!

  2. WHOA! What beautiful photos!! Love the roses in the main. That Big John is GORGEOUS!

  3. Isn't he though?!? But they all are so beautiful!


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