Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter's Bunny

Saving the Best For Last. . . The One True Easter Bunny . . .

Lil' Roamer!

Thanks for Letting Us Hop Into Your Easter Holiday. . . Leave Us A Comment On Which Bunny Visited You This Easter!

May You Find Safe Travels, Perfect Weather, and Good Times With Family and Friends! -Kat


  1. Ohhh want a beautiful Angora !

    Happy Easter!

  2. Great choice for the Easter bunny. It made my day.


  3. What beautiful bunnies you have! It makes me miss my Jersey Wooly, Angora, and Mini Rex. My Jersey Wooley loved Cheeri-O's and would sit up and beg for them. The Angora was a huge fan of banannas. I miss them all. Thank you for the lovely pictures.


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