Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's Blooming Wednesday!

Daffy's Are Headed Out After A Three Week Run . . . .

. . . and Phlox Are Flocking In . . .

The Weeping Cherry, Opens the Door For . . . .

Bleeding Heart

The Bloom of the White Pine Helps Sets Our Pollen Level Today at 5733 -- Yep, that's Five Thousand, Seven Hundred Thirty-Three. . . Not a Typo. . .

But Sitting Under This Wisteria In An Anti-Histamine Fog
Makes It All Worth It.

Have a Terrific Wednesday!


  1. gravy~
    That wisteria takes my breath away. I've always wanted to "see" it. It's in so many fictional books. Wow! You are totally surrounded by beauty! Glorious!!!!

  2. Holy Moly that'd have me sneezing!!!!!! But oh so pretty to look at


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