Monday, April 12, 2010

Travelin' Along . . . With Back Up . . . and Contest!

In anticipation of the Fun Driving & Riding Society's Third Annual Recreational Day of Driving & Riding, we are looking forwarding to seeing some real horse & mule power this up and coming weekend.

In fact, folks have already starting to head our way . . .

Along with spares!

Hate to Tell Them We're in The Other Direction.


The first person (thru Friday) who can tell us what "Must Have" is missing from the second photograph will win a very special, super-duper PRIZE!!


  1. Well, the first thing I thought in my less than caffinated state was "A second wagon"... but I don't think that's it ;) What about reflectors on the back of the wagon? Or some sort of bright warning markers to make them a bit more visible?

    (Oh- how long is the contest? I'll post it and a link here on HorseFeathers! to see what everyone has to say...)


    It's the law here I am assuming there it would be no different.

    We also have blinking lights we made for ours when we do commercial events.

  3. Ooops, I've been beaten to it. I was going to write a big orange triangle on the back. I see them on all the amish buggies here.
    Would you believe I saw an old couple the other night with no head lights? They only had some flashing lights, you could barely see them with their dark buggy and black horse.

  4. I think the missing is the ORANGE TRIANGLE or slow moving vehicle sign...but someone beat me to it!

  5. Personally, I think they're missing a giant cooler full of adult beverages for when they finally get to where they're going.

    (Only because they're missing an orange triangle.)

  6. You and me both, Slave Driver! Hahahahaha -- I'm figuring that's what they're hauling under the covered portion


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